MSG Diaries


Before the war in Ukraine, My Sleeping Gypsy was a community of 57 people working in Kyiv collectively on preserving our unique culture and heritage of Vyshyvanka. With the outbreak of the war, part of our team had to make the difficult decision of escaping from Ukraine, however, most of the team remained in the country. None of us was ready for the terrifying events of the last 24 days, we all have experienced the war for the first time. To your attention MSGdiaries. A set of personal stories from our team members, depicting the experience of war in Ukraine. The war-affected every inhabitant of Ukraine. We had to leave our homes, our families and, in some cases, our country. We stand for Ukraine, we stand for Freedom and we want Peace. We are proud of our country and we are proud to be Ukrainians. You can support our brand and our not-for-profit initiative MSGsupports by donating on our website.

Thank you,
With love,
My Sleeping Gypsy team

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