Open Call for Ukrainian design industry



The Ukrainian Brand My Sleeping Gypsy in association with NGO ‘Peace Dividend Initiative’, with the support of the Chancellerie d’Etat de Geneve, AHH Agency & US based eCommerce platform Angel for Fashion is delighted to announce an open call for the participation in a fundraising    Gala  « United for Peace ». The Gala is an opportunity for Ukrainian fashion companies to acquire support through investors and possible scholarships or mentoring programs. The event aims to help the Ukrainian fashion community find opportunities for development and growth through economic dialogue with European investors.

What is the “United for Peace” Gala Event?

The event will take place on the 29th of October 2022 in Geneva, Switzerland, at the emblematic building - Batiment Des Forces Motrices. 

During the event, selected Ukrainian Brands will meet Swiss business people interested in fashion,brands will showcase collections during a runway presentation, followed by a pop up concept for direct purchasing and a silent Art auction focused on art which crosses the boundaries of Art and Fashion. 

Through the Gala we aim to help support a group of Ukrainian fashion companies, selected through an open call using value based criteria including sustainability, readiness for growth and social focus. The mission of fundraising is to help secure the livelihoods of Ukrainian employees and to assist fashion businesses during extremely challenging circumstances.

Who we are and Why are we doing this?

MSG - Like other Ukrainian Brands, on the 24th of February MSG faced the need to defend Ukraine and its people. As a vertically integrated fashion brand, responsible for a team of 57 Ukrainian employees, we personally know how difficult it is to operate a business today, which is why we want to share our connections and expertise to help not only our brand but also extend to the community of Ukrainian designers to which we belong.   

PDI - a peace-dividend accelerator based in Geneva Switzerland, is dedicated to harnessing market forces for peace through economic dialogue,  incubation and investment. The project focuses on businesses that have been displaced and disrupted by the conflict in Ukraine,The Philippines,Yemen and Colombia.

AHH Agency - an interdisciplinary creative development platform focusing on the intersection of Fine Art and Fashion,  headed by Angela Huntbach-Hertault. AHH Agency has represented My Sleeping Gypsy through strategy, creative development and marketing for six years since early foundation.

Angel for Fashion - e-Commerce platform that was born post the horrific war on Ukraine by Jen Sidary to help support the Ukrainian fashion industry survive the war crisis. showcases 35 of the country’s most prominent Ukrainian designers on one platform to a global audience.  

Steps of the project:


Step 1

Designers apply through the application process with a deadline of the 24st of August 2022. Approximately five participants will be selected. Successful applicants will be contacted by the 31st of August, 2022. 


Step 2

Selected Brands will be officially invited and must attend the Gala in Geneva on the 29th of October. The brand will enter the business accelerator process. Names of participants will become available here on the 1st of September 2022.


Step 3

The selected brands will attend the Gala event. Every brand will have the opportunity to receive mentorship on developing the business, and based on the results of the auction brands may also receive funding in the form of grants. Grants will be distributed by the NGO ‘Peace Dividend Initiative’.


Who can apply and how?


We are looking for Ukrainian designers and brands operating within the field of fashion, who have at least 5 years of experience in fashion production and a passion for improving the world's fashion industry through sustainability and innovation. You are welcome to apply now and until 24.08.2022 by following the instructions in the application form.


Are there any fees?


Is there an application fee? No


Is there a participation fee for selected participants? 


No. One representative from every selected brand will have a private invitation to attend the full Gala Event free of charge. The general fee 300 chf including a seated dinner will apply to any additional people the Brand wants to invite. 




You can send your questions to