We all wear clothes. We all share one environment. When you choose which clothes to wear you make a contribution to this environment.

We believe that the world doesn’t need more clothes, it needs better clothes. We care to be environmentalista more than fashionista.

We disrupt your visual space with our eye-catching embroideries in order to attract your attention to sustainability and why it matters.

We stand on the shoulders of the great women who have lived before us and have passed on the knowledge of the handmade craft and the wisdom to preserve it. Our ancestors used clothes for spiritual protection, to convey information. With globalization clothes became blank and mass-produced.

We aim to reestablish cultural heritage in a contemporary way, reconnect people to a knowledge of the past, the slow, the perfectly imperfect and the anthropological. A woman that is connected to her roots is strong both physically and spiritually.

We adore Janice Joplin and the rebellious spirit of the '70s, that is why our visual aesthetics is bohemian and slightly shamanistic. The Gypsy has extraordinary power.

We create voluminous cuts so that you can be free to change in size and in your thoughts. Designs that embrace all the beautiful imperfections of our bodies and their development over time.

We use ornaments - the alphabet of the artistic thinking of mankind, to communicate a message of peace and love, the mantra that will bring harmony and balance.

We own our production and invest in our employees so that you can know who made your clothes and how they feel while making them.

We prioritize local because it minimizes the transportation/carbon output, whilst supporting local craftspeople to maintain our heritage.

We use linens because they are durable. Linen garments will live in your wardrobe forever. How do we know? Because we have inherited our linen dresses from our great grand mother's which are still great today. We also use linens because they are water-efficient in production and natural - meaning that your skin can breathe. Linen is one of the world's oldest textiles.

We don’t keep stock, we limit production and will never mass produce. We do not put our garments into discounted sales in order to oversell. For us, quality is more important than quantity.

We offer you garments with soul. Garments that you can develop an emotional connection with, which will help you to love it and wear it for longer. We love what we do and feel the unity of sharing the passion for culture in the creation of each individual garment.

We create garments that are designed to protect and empower. To help you change for the better, make mindful choices and cherish what we have.

With love, My Sleeping Gypsy team