The Art of living


Artists create their vision of reality, using multiple mediums, such as paintings, clothes, sculptures, films. Can you be an artist of your own life? We believe so! 

Achieving the so-called “flow state” is accessible to every human being. Set an intention. Surround yourself with objects that inspire you and people who support you. Take time to think and reconnect with your inner self. Meditate if you can, or just spend a day alone and sit still for 15 min at the end of the day. Ask yourself - “What do I want now? What is it that I want to say?” Focus on your feelings, write down whatever comes to your mind. Wait until the feeling of calmness appears inside of you. Don’t be distracted by the outside noises we call daily life. Going on a short weekend trip to Mother Nature will be very helpful. Once concentrated on your creative process, express on paper your most ambitious dreams and ideas. Listen to yourself, do not compromise. 

You can use this fulfilling practice to target the questions of your life, like what do I want from my job, from my family. You can use this practice to design your life. Ask yourself: Am I really living the life I want to live or am I compromising? If I am compromising, why am I compromising? Where does the fear come from? You can dig out issues that have been following you since childhood. At the first stage of achieving the flow, the state doesn’t use the power of your conscious brain, concentrate more on your unconscious feelings, be open to the most unexpected ideas. Write them down, draw them, sing them. Raise those questions inside of you and let them stay with you for a couple of days without action. 

You’ll be surprised how your brain might start finding excuses, 10 reasons why your desires are not important or not possible to fulfill. Disregard that. Get into the dialog with yourself, with honor and respect. Take a look at your notes again and take a couple of hours of time alone again. Write down again whatever appears. If you feel stuck, use the  “5 Whys” trick: I am not feeling happy - why? Cause I don’t have friends. Why am I not having friends? Cause I don’t like to go out and talk to people. Why I don’t like to go out and talk to people? Cause I don’t have any free time. Why do I not have any free time? Cause I work long hours and come back home with no energy left. Why do I work long hours? And so you go on and on until you get to the reason of the unhappy filling. Once you acknowledge and accept the real motivation behind your actions, the ideas of how to get to where you want to be will flow themselves. 

Yes, you can do it! Yes, you are worth it! Yes, you are beautiful and so needed by this world. Let your creative energy out. 

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With love, 


Katya Hermann