The power of women


Feminine power is deeply rooted in the power of Mother Nature. Four elements are reunited to epitomize balance.

Women’s feelings arise in her heart like a fire, it flares up and grows along with the energy that you allocate for it. If a woman wastes her own fire enduring unpleasant communication or suppressing its own nature, the flame dies down, you feel uncomfortable to share and give love.

Water symbolizes the beginning of life, its flow and unpredictability. You should get used to the stream, it is not about resisting but accepting. Life moves with awareness of the moment, devote yourself to joy here and now.

The element of the Earth is steadiness, stability. This energy helps you overcome any blows of fate with dignity. Manifesting your will while maintaining the lightness and purity of your soul.

Air makes a woman filled with sublime, alluring energy. The Element of Air endows a woman with value and a sense of self-worth, independence, freedom, she is given the opportunity to be impulsive. Air helps to clarify your mind, remove old ideas and doubts, free yourself from unnecessary thoughts, from other people's opinions, from conventions.

Friends are our hand-chosen family. People who are close to us in their spirit make our life a blessing: fresh ideas, plans, dreams and happy moments come into it.

Your communication with people reflects the dialogue that takes place within you. We absorb the energy of other people and share with them our energy. Therefore make friends, love your comrades, enjoy the time spent with loved ones. Hey, sisters, we love you!

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My Sleeping Gypsy team, 

Lisa Antonuk