MSG Diaries - Alexandra Kudryavtseva


I am the designer at My Sleeping Gypsy. Member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine, an active participant of Ukrainian and Kyiv city art exhibitions. Being an artist in the third generation, ceramist, sculptor, pysankarka. I have been painting and sculpting since childhood. It is my passion and opportunity to express myself through paper, clay, pysanka, gypsum, plasticine.

In the morning of February 24th we heard explosions for the first time and the next day, on February 25th a fragment from a rocket destroyed the house of my husband's brother and they had to move to the country house. After a short time, we heard the sirens for the first time and went down to the bomb shelter. The rest of my family, my husband's parents and brother, my aunt stayed in their hometown in Kyiv. My cousin left Kyiv immediately with two small children and her husband, heading toward the western regions of Ukraine. On the dates 25th, 26th and 27th of February, we had to stay in the corridor of our apartment. We decided for ourselves that if they kill us, then it’ll be in our home. We sealed our windows with tape and we try to isolate our daughter and dogs from terrifying sounds from the streets.

We are proud of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the President of Ukraine and the people of our country. Now I feel anger from helplessness and anger toward the culprit of this terror, and I feel ready to take actions for territorial defense. I have fear for the family and the future but bursting pride for the country and the people of Ukraine moves me forward.

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