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All over the world, Vyshivankas are famous for their unique cut, inspired by hundreds of years of history, that wonderfully flatter all body shapes. 

With the My Sleeping Gypsy range, we retain the Vyshyvanka heritage but add a contemporary touch. This combination of history and modernity makes this choice stylish and eternally fashionable.

Looking stylish & feeling comfortable.


How we made it?

Eternal Love Top in Black is crafted from linen with traditional Ukrainian satin stitch embroidery and hand-cut Richelieu technique with floral motifs. 

The embroidery motifs on the bottom line of the top are highlighted with handmade contrasting stitches. The top has a wrap-around silhouette.

We have used high-quality linen and embroidery thread to craft this garment. At first, the parts of the top are getting embroidered and then assembled together by our craftsmen in Kyiv. Our embroidery patterns are made by local artists, each motif tells a story and conveys a worldly sentiment, making each garment truly unique.