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All over the world, Vyshivankas are famous for their unique cut, inspired by hundreds of years of history, that wonderfully flatter all body shapes. 

With the My Sleeping Gypsy range, we retain the Vyshyvanka heritage but add a contemporary touch. This combination of history and modernity makes this choice stylish and eternally fashionable.

Looking stylish & feeling comfortable.


How we made it?

Crafted from high-quality linen fabrics and durable thick embroidery threads, this Tree of Life Infant Suit comes with a loose embroidered shirt, shorts, and a blanket that is sure to be a soothing companion for the baby. The shirt is featuring one of the important universal symbols Tree of Life in satin stitch multi-colored embroidery and decorative beads. The neckline is adorned with handmade Zbiranka with 2 tassels. Zbiranka is a traditional handmade construction technique to gather the volume of the fabric. It is designed to fall fluidly and suits well to different body types.  

We have used high-quality linen fabrics and durable thick embroidery threads to craft this garment. At first, the parts of the garment are getting embroidered and then assembled together by our craftsmen in Kyiv at our own production atelier. There are 3 different artisans working hand in hand to craft the Tree of Life Infant Suit for you, each mastering the special type of embroidery, hand pleating, or sewing technique. All processes combined take about 2 full days of work. Our embroidery patterns are made by artists, each motif tells a story, making each garment truly unique.